Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Wish Things.
  • maxi dresses
  • jean vests
  • floral
  • skullz
  • the statement tee/tank
  • platforms.
  • black+a colour
  • oxfords
  • rings
  • silver
  • canvas sneakers
  • mini dresses
Music Pixie lott.turn it up eyes diana vickers~the boy who murdered love the pretty reckless - make me wanna die counting Crows/Accidentally in


  1. love these pics! and youre music choises! the pretty reckless is my favourite! taylor momsen is amazing!

  2. maxi dress is a must! a gorgeous blog by the way x

  3. awesome list, I would like have it all(:
    nice blog, I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

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  5. Great wishlist and photos! :)


  6. I completely agree with your wishlist! For myself, I would add "silk playsuit" and "denim romper".


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  7. Great blog. I just stumbled across it and I think it's lovely. Also thanks for the comment you left on my blog; it was much appreciated. Please don't hesitate to follow and I will definitely follow yours back!


  8. that list is a great summer essentials list! i havent gotten myself a maxi dress and i think i should before summer ends! lovin your blog!

  9. I love your wishlist. Summer is such a great season to shop for =)

  10. i love that outfit in the fifth photo, good post :)

  11. right now i'm just wishing for summer! :'( haa, perfect list - sope you find some gorgeous stuff. and pretty reckless + pixie lott = love <3

  12. great pics! i just stumbled upon your blog and you have great style

    come check out the fashion smoke!

  13. love your wishlist! need to get some maxis and wedges myself :)

  14. hi, thanks for the comment! you're a doll. :]

    love the wishlist, mine's pretty long too. i especially like those floral shorts & the last photo, so cute. ahh i'm super excited about fall!

  15. love your summer wish list!! i want that alexander mcqueen scarf-its on my wish list as well!!

    lovely blog :)


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