Thursday, July 29, 2010

DandG (part1)

Imaginary Moodboard:
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Favourite Peices D&G made boring colours and materials new and put an amazing twist on the classic staples. This red velvet peice, reminds me of a 1950s winter family get together, nice, subtle, with a hint of Gossip Girl scandal. BUT THEN, this gorgeous peices. Oh, D&G, what math genius can calculate how many years(decades) I must work at one of your stores to acheive that pinned blazer. I know the web will explode with 2million DIYs and whatnot as soon as fall is here, but the elegance of this blazer is uncopiable(a word). The last which I picked in my top three favourites is the black knitted peice with that cream corset under it. I found this a great transition peice in the show between lingere and knits because it incorporates both styles (which I'd rather drool over this fall then rock myself). Somehow the hot lights of the runway change the person and outfit and I can't put that cardi into the real world but that's what teevee shows about rich, beautiful people are for.
Detailing Details have become gold, small, finely detailed against strong plain backgrounds. At D&G the colours paired with extreme detailing (pins, chains) were black, green(velvet) and red(velvet). I like how everything is so hobo chic MK&A with an air of elegance that seems to captivate everything around it. Is it just me or do you imagine these people walk everywhere in slow motion? One notable thing was the return of the small bag which (even though I collect small bags) I completly disagree with because totes and strap totes are making (thanks to the goddamn internet) a most definite return.
Mistakes? As I said, favourite show of the fall, and usually if you LOVE a show you love the ENTIRE show. Okay, maybe this is only the case with me but maybe it's because I HATE trashing designers because they work so hard. Regardless in this show I spotted things that I felt clashed with the entire presentation. I mostly saw these less-then-desirable compilations in the sheer fabrics (huge fan) because the layering became extreme (also a fan of layering, don't judge). The first peice below was a mix of like every left over peice of material (chain, knit, sheer polka dots, animal print, THING ON HEAD (turban maybe?)) and I felt it just clashed TOO much, now every D and G fan out there is going to go balistic on me and tell me its nice like that but then again, would you wear it? The last peice wasn't a big deal, but I am not feeling the lace print+animal print+fur+pink shoes (maybe?).


  1. That layered necklace is beautiful and the detailing on the cardigan is lovely. I'm not a huge fan of so much animal print. I prefer floral but that has been overdone this year I think.

  2. This is most definitely a beautiful collection. I love that blazer, and I agree...I myself might try my hands at a little DIY.
    The "mistakes" are definitely nice when looked at individually. But altogether, not my cup of tea.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. also my favorite of those who have shown us
    is the red dress.

    I follow you!


  4. So not only is this collection one of my favourites too - I absolutely love that you've tagged this post with lyrics from Music Is My Hot Hot Sex by CSS?! Bazonkers. <3

  5. I so agree with you...I loved this show and I already saw some pieces in a shop yesterday, lovely blazers and cardigans. Beautiful collection.

    I really find your blog interesting, I'm a follower :)
    ..and obviously thank you for your comment on my blog!

  6. Beautiful collection!! Cool blog!


  7. im obsessed with that color of velvet in the first pic! I need something like that for Fall! xo

  8. i like this post. your profile pic is gorgeous!

    very lovely.


  9. velvet is so hard to pull off, but this show managed to well!

    <3 your blog.

  10. Love that black knit cardigan -- it looks so soft. And love all of the jewelry!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab; I can't wait for more!
    xo Josie

  11. i really love this post.. the details are awesome.

  12. im the last one to go ballistic over telling whats true and the truth is all those patterns just didnt match together! im not the biggest fan of BIG designers. personally i think they are overated and more credit should be given to smaller, younger and up and comming brands :)

    following! :)

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  14. thanks for yourcomment!
    and I love this post.
    I can't wait for next season!

    From Tokyo

  15. Thanks for your comment(:
    I follow your blog!

  16. Loved the post *.*
    D&G is always amazing! I love all those details!

  17. This is such a clever post + that collection is absolutely beautiful.

    Great blog.

  18. Stunning pics & looks:)

  19. To be honest, i'm not really a Dolce kind of girl, but i have to say that i really did love this collection. They're really stepping away from tacky and stepping into classy territory. And they really make the most phenomenal shoes!


  20. Okay I'm not going to explode on you, but I'd like to say that not all collections are meant to be worn. Sometimes you have to just look at fashion as artwork. For instance look at John Galliano. He creates gorgeous designs which a majority of would not be worn by anybody. Besides that you have a lovely blog. :)
    Feel free to follow/leave a comment on mine!


  21. nice one!
    thanks for your comment, (and sorry for my late reply)

  22. haha thank you :D!!

    best regards from Sweden :)


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