Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Interview: Union Olivia

At just fourteen Olivia is already creating a promising future in fashion for herself. The humble fourteen year old says she'd rather be a background player "maybe a lawyer for a fashion house" but you'll doubt she'll be anything less then the next Coco Chanel if you've seen the way she's saving up for her trip to Croatia(eBay link: here). Union Olivia, her blog, is like a fashion journal of everything she wears, her travels and day-to-day plans. My personal favourites are her satin slips (such a daring wear!) and her cute headbands but her travel photos and memories are always a great read.
second picture: olivia in her favourite gold t-bars from Top Shop.
1. If you (and your blog) could be featured in any international (online or print) magazine (full page spread) what magazine would it be and WHY?
It would have to be Vogue, of course. And why; because it is the greatest fashion magazine and to be featured in it would be the highest accolade.
2. When did you become intrested in fashion? There was not really a specific point; I just always was. My mother has been also and I just grew up where fashion was simply a part of my life. Just as well I love it I suppose, but there was not really any other option; stacks of Vogues and rooms of clothes. My mother’s wardrobe is so extensive; I can always find what I am looking for (well, nearly always.)
3. Favourite thrift/vintage shop?
I would say Beyond Retro, because of the vast choice and special pieces, but there is a shop opened near me recently which looks very promising. I do love vintage, I feel it is more fulfilling finding something tucked away for years in a dark corner of a warehouse rather than manufactured recently in a pristine store. 4. Favourite item in your closet?
This is very difficult... At the moment, my black huge floor length maxi skirt is pretty special from H&M, but I also love my two new pairs of vintage shorts in olive and grey-blue. I also adore my vintage Levi denim waistcoat, gifted, and my pale apple green sheer shirt with pleated collar. Ah! I really cannot decide!
In a cute denim vest and great khaki trousers!
5. Most worn item in you closet? My gold t-bars. I bought them in the sale from Topshop a while back and they are so vintage looking and delicate, I just love them. I have completely worn them to death and have finally got them re-heeled, although not before I am scratching about the pavements in metal spikes and ripping the fabric on the heel to shreds. I should have taken better care of them really, though perhaps it is the fact they are so trustworthy which exaggerates my love?
6. If you could spend a weeknd in you dream country, where would it be and what would you pack? Paris, France, in the Winter. Lots of thick chunky knits, boots, layering and, of course, a camel cape, browsing Le Louvre, shopping on the Avenue de Champs-Élysées and attending all the fashion shows; I can dream... Oh, this is making me want Winter so badly, and we have not even experienced Summer fully yet!
Olivia(left) in New York.
7. What career do you see yourself pursuing? I always become rather forlorn when answering this question as I can’t imagine being limited to only one job! As a young person, we are able to get involved in so many different activities, clubs and events and I do not want to be limited, as an adult, to just one job. I would love to be an actress, a lawyer, a fashion designer, a fashion journalist or editor... But somehow I feel I will not have time for all of that.
8. Favourite fall peices. (1-3)
Camel Coat, Stella McCartney, the trouser and high loafers. I literally cannot wait.
stella in a camel coat.
9. Favourite fall collection?
Perhaps Stella McCartney, purely for that PERFECT camel cape, and maybe Rodarte because it was a little different. Also love some of the Marc Jacobs items and Chanel Couture. 10. What fashion show would you love to go to? Any would be great really! But seriously, Chanel.


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  21. This really makes me feel priveliged to have her as a friend. It genuinely is an amazing blog and an excellent insight into a young fashionista's life.
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