Wednesday, April 7, 2010

oh my i am absolutely in love. that Vogue Korea and whoever gave this spread the title "Lovely Bones" is/are genius. This style works. Though, it's not that always classic black and white (which I love), it's got this hard rock edge that says: rings, beige, wooden beads from halfway around the world, bone print tights(!?! me want) and ruffles. It's sort of breaking the shell of the typical society teen, the beige upper class mommy look and mixing it with M.K. hobo chic. It's such a great look.
Renewal. It's on everybody's mind, it's pretty much the high-end word for D.I.Y. Like, I'm not a fan of this spreads big boots because they cut leg size of 5 11'' models to elf size but everything else, I'm feeling. The jackets, le leather pants, those really hot socks with CUTOUTS (again: !?! me want). I personally think this style could use some crosses and painted, Gothic poems on the sleeves, they already are using what seems to be a belt with bullet casings so they could have pushed it a little more.
ahhh. The sporty trend. Something I definitely won't be rocking. Not that I don't absolutely love mr.Wang and that I really want his corset sweater : reminder here. This just isn't something I stand for or have the body type for. I kind of feel like if your not sporty, don't pretend to be sporty. It's not appreciated. Somebody will totally get the wrong idea and when they talk you up about their favorite baseball team (who's sweater your sporting) you will just stand there with no clue what to say. but kudos to them for their excessive and sporty use of miumiu in this spread.


  1. love your blog. so pretty. im with you on the sporty thing. pretty questionable.


  2. love all of the editorials! i really want that issue of vogue korea, just so expensive to post over to london ):
    im now a follower, hope youll follow me too.

  3. Thanks for your comment, really sweet of you. You picked some great styled shots to share.

    stop by again soon. x

  4. Love the Vouge Korea editorial! The colors in the mix are simply lovely (a good [close] departure from straight up black and white).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Cat :)

  5. Vogue Korea always has amazing editorials!

  6. love your blog & loving the editorial from vogue korea, amazing amazing .

  7. the lovely bones photoshoot is my favourite, and i really like all the photos on your sidebar! thanks for following me! im following back off course! :)

  8. your blog is so interesting and pretty to read (: that makes me a follower! eep!

    LÉS Mm,

  9. that IS an amazing editorial!

    i just started my own fashion blog,
    pop by and visit one day and i'll continue to return the favour :)

    lady stardust x

  10. love the Lovely Bones spread too:)

  11. oh i love these pics x

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  12. I love that Vouge Kores spread! japanese/chinese/asian fashion mags always have amazing editorials x

  13. Omg i can die for the Loewe Cape, its so georgeous:)

    xoxo Factory Girl


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