Monday, April 5, 2010

The spaces between my hands fit yours perfectly.

So yesterday I DIY-d an old pair of pants one of my friends gave me. Here are some step-b-step hints to making the most out of this simple DIY. 1. Cut the shorts, the destroyed style does not require them to be perfectly even. + cute the pockets too to get this great ragged detail on other wise boring pockets. 2. Rip the seams at the bottom using a seam ripper or needle, this will help loosen them up and the washer/dryer will tear them up even more. 3. Time for the acid wash. I threw mine in the tub and using rubber gloves directed the bleach into areas I wanted splattered. 4. Throw them in the washing machine and dryer (for best results) and when you take them out you get this great destroyed-acid wash look. Additional details to make yours your own:
  • add studs
  • graffiti them using Sharpie or Fabric Paint
  • Do stitching details
  • Add safety pins
  • patches
I'm still contemplating painting the pockets with a cross or something but if I find studs I'm definitely going to line the side seam with them.
I'm also definitely looking forward to making another pair of vintage shorts into cut offs and dyeing them. Either a deep purple, black or forest green. Help me decide!
~Are you guys planning any spring/summer DIYs?~


  1. the shorts look great!
    and i love that owl city song :)

  2. these look awesome!
    love the pockets hanging out

  3. love these! i made some from a pair of my boyfriends old jeans and they never fail :) Love them!

  4. Love your shorts:)

    Factory Girl

  5. great DIY! and for the other shorts i vote deep purple

    thanks a lot for the sunshine award! :)

  6. They look gorgeous! i altered a pair recently- i found going over a few spots with a disposable razor also helped to further grungify them. Love it!!

  7. you have won a Sunshine Award!

    you can see it here:


  8. they look seriously hot!
    cute blog!

    lady stardust x

  9. wow, you did an amazing job - love those shorts!

  10. i want acid washed jeans shorts so badly! the one on the left is perfecet...
    xoxo, rose


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