Saturday, April 10, 2010

hey, soul sister

Today, I share with you my dreams/current moods. currently watching: Audrey Hepburn piece on Fashion File (typical...) currently obsessing over: see-through fabric weekend movie: Vicky, Christina, Barcelona today's dream boyfriend: James Franco what I wish I could pull off: painted skinnies, cross necklace and leather backpack. magazine's I need: Teen Vogue, Nylon and Bust current mood: tired but eager plans for the day: Kensington with family friends.... where I wanna be: in this guys arms.


  1. such a cute post, loved the evitable scatter of thoughts (: x

  2. Aww, I loved the post *.*
    James Francooo <3

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment, your blog looks lovely. Stop by again soon and remember to follow me if you wish.

  4. Very cute post!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    I shall be checking back often :)

    - Katie

  5. Definitely agree on the leather backpack thing. Cute photos too.

  6. Penelope looked sooo stunning in that movie!


thanks for commenting guys!