Monday, March 22, 2010

Shark In the Water

*making it clear that I will review current, F/w shows later*
So I know I'm really late in my SS '10 reviews, but I posted one yesterday, and today I'm covering my thoughts of Proenza Shouler. Let me tell you, my reactions were very mixed. Good: Clourful hair, Surfer Prints, Sequins, Baggy Dress, Sweat pants. Bad: The Shoes!! Outfits. These first three outfits are definitely hitting this seasons trends with the layered dress and boyfriend blazer are really hitting the spot. The second ensemble, is great, well it was great I think its a fresh new spin on the Chloe fancy sweats from last year. And the fabric detailing really sticks with the theme. The last piece is someItalicthing I really think is border lining the trends for s/s '10 that we're seeing everywhere else but the amount of bagginess (and I am the biggest fan of bagginess that you'll find out there) is just a bit much for me.
Details. The hair is genius. It's like little mermaid meets effortless street chic. So the hair is so great it looks so nice on the models and so easy (p.s. notice the sequin collars. way too cool for school). So the top looks great but when you scan to the bottom. EEK, the shoes looks so cheap! I have no problem with the snake skin but woven heel and the shiny pleather lining is all so wrong! The last picture is the bags at Proenza. Now the colour and strap are cute but honestly it's nothing I haven't seen before. But I gotta give them credit - I'm not the one who spends months at a time sewing and designing these pieces myself so, the bags aren't terrible, just probably not worth the price tag. The second half of the show went into neon prints, silky peacock fabrics, sequins and ruffles. They were absolutely gorgeous. It was so right. It makes me want to shop at pacsun. First there are these colourful day dresses and then you move on to the evening dresses, which are sparkly and dark green and blues with synthetic ruffle feathers. Of course you have eyes. So I will share my opinion on these. The dresses are nice, but not break taking, not enough of them at least. xoxo. pictures from

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