Thursday, February 4, 2010

vintage shopping

So the fun part of tonight was, SO I went vintage shopping today with Andrea, possible future co-blogger. and well first picture is of the mens washroom. The MEN'S washroom and my friend Andrea is not some swedish male super model with a women's name, she is in fact a girl and she did in fact without questioning why there was a strange looking sink, use the men's washroom. THIS IS REVENGE FOR: ME GETTING MY PERIOD UNEXPECTANTLY AND BEING LAUGHED AT. these are the two hideous outfits we forced each other to wear :) andreas polyester shirt had cunning detail on the back while mine included a "real" fur collar and a low cut cotton striped shirt. EXQUISITE FINDS. Now these were real finds of the night, though only i made a purcahse, this khaki shirt for 4bucs from salvation army, while Andrea left a cute leopard sweater and pink skirt (6$ and 3$)

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