Thursday, February 4, 2010

PERIOD. as in the end of a statement.

So this is an honest and filled with crap quality pictures, review of 69 Vintage which I was contemplating whether I should add a review (because I'd like to keep it secret forever. {EET EEZ MYNE}) but this place is amazing. PERIOD. ON the main floor you find vintage everything, shoes, shirts dresses, accessories, scarves, jackets, etc. In the back of the main floor, you will find BUY THE POUND, a By the pound vintage shop where you pay 15$ for a pound of vintage, 8$ for shoes and 30$ for boots. The bottom floor {pictured below} is where all the hand made crafts are, furnishings, whaky vintage finds, books, cds, videos, etc. The Third floor, upper level contains three smaller shops, with bags shoes and designer scarves, and some clothes. I bought this amazing vintage bag for 20$ and am definitely going back next week, when I have money (makes sense right?). Hope you enjoy! but not too much, I'd love there to be something left for when I go back :) p.p.s will make more pictures next time, apology accepted... I hope :)

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