Tuesday, February 2, 2010

and then there was misery

At least this time it's not cause I'm short.... Mary Kate and Ashley Design Contest for JCPenny, has seriously pissed me off. Since I live in god-damned, polar bear riding, pancake flipping CANADA, I am not aloud to enter. WHAT THE FUCK? *choice words, I know* anyways if you are a US resident feel free to enjoy what I cannot: STUPID {actually amazing} CONTESTI AM NOT ALOUD TO ENTER BECAUSE I SAY "EH" ON OCCASION. I have now been inspired to rant about them in a post you will now force youself to enjoy. :) thanks.first let me just say mary kate is my favourite, and ashley was always my sisters, but after watching new york minute (before I played the drums and was totally a rocker-chick person thing wannabee) I was inspired to buy an agenda, on that note let me express why I love their style. Question: Can anybody wear a see-through white tee, be 5' 1" and still look better then most 6' tall girls? Answer: NO. Question: Can anybody look so effortless and like she spent like 50bucks on an outfit that cost $100000? Answer: No. Question: Can you wake up every morning and know that you are an icon and what ever you walk out the door in for Starbucks will be replicated by at least 500 little girls around the world by tomorrow? Answer: No. and + most of their new collection (WHICH I AM NOT ELIGIBLE TO WIN, EH?!) has pretty good peices for the price range it's in and the age group it's serving. -BEKAAAAA

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