Saturday, February 5, 2011


last night sushi with friends ~ I wore a blue+crochet top (Tesco, 4500ft) with highwaisted gap shorts (Value Village, $9.00) with Egyptian charm necklaces (museum shop, $3.00) and assorted rings! +reviewing my predictions for spring 2011

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


#1 Today in the distillery. Ate chilli, watched a play (Christmas Carol, 3rd time, superb!) and ate mcdonalds with the fam after. Happy Holidays and New Years to everyone! Leatherette Backpack (H&M) $20 Liquid Leggings (H&M) 12.99 Boots (Spring) Gift Scarf (H&M) 12.99 Jacket (H&M, last season) 79.99 "Its freezing cold" by Becca Matus on

Sunday, December 5, 2010


spent the weekend doing homework, studying for drama exam, at sewing classes (I've finished my dress @ the make den(link here). Really hectic I still have a lot of homework to do + Christmas shopping (I do most online, so I have to rush because of shipping. dug out this old crochet top. any christmas plans?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Shopping

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Let me introduce you to etsy, if you don't already know. Here you will find unique, inexpensive (typically) and crafty goods for all sorts of purposes. Etsy is a creative way of thinking, so let it inspire you even if it doesn't lead to a purchase on the site. Here are my best picks (links below each lead to top 8-9).
Best Friend:
For the unlimited budget and the almost invisible "budget", though sometimes even a small stocking stuffer (when picked correctly with plenty of love) will make a friend just as happy.Nothing says, best friends forever like matching hair ties or a black leather bag for the fashionable friend.
Sister's are always difficult to shop for. Picky and rarely sharing our exact taste yet we still have the most fun buying their presents. This Christmas, I plan on impressing my sister with etsy gifts so why not have a go at it yourself? Cat eyes and quirky earrings always result in smiles all around, share the love!
Mom's aren't picky, all they want is something "from the heart" but we all know Christmas is (other than her birthday) the only time to spoil our mums. Handpicked with love, moms would appreciate a new shopper (my mom payed double the amount for her own!) or this neat little gadget the foldable bag hook, a definite conversation starter.