Saturday, May 1, 2010

Top: Goodwill, $1.50/ Skirt: Zara, $12.00/Bandeau: Garage: 6.90/Shoes: Urban Outfitters $10.00/ Bag: Salvation Army, $2.99/

So pretty much my outfit... sorry for sucky quality! The whole thing cost about $40CND (including undies and bras, hahah!). So yeah listening to Hide and Seek and some very random Gina songs (fist pumping yeah...). Yeah I'm going sewing tomorrow and maybe to browse book stores with my dad later at Book City. I was out thrift shopping with a friend until 10pm yesterday after guitar lessons!

teehee. +++any plans for the weekend guys?


  1. Your top is AMAZING! And I think it is such a great idea that you've shown your outfit with a video! ;)

  2. thank you! sorry for the bad qality :P

  3. love your outfit, apparently the skirt. today im going out to find a prom dress hopefully, then i have lots of exam revision to be done ): hope you have a good rest of weekend x

  4. I love te outfit! Original video :)

  5. I love that outfit too, it's so nice, the tee gives it the perfect touch
    and your blog is so cute too
    hope you had a nice weekend

    marley mumbles


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