Thursday, May 13, 2010

longer, less/more boring post than usual. whatever floats your boat.

blahahahaaagahagaha ^my laugh. random post. no time this week. don`t forget to follow me a la tumblr. recapp otherwise: I would just like to reply here to tavi's post on terry richardson because stupid blogger fails to follow my every command: I completely agree with you. I mean his photography can be great SOMETIMES but wtf is he doing with those girls. They CAN'T say no. That's because they aren't living the life Terry already is. It's their paycheck and their rep that's on the line. So a young girl who desperately wants/needs this job won't say no and is not going to make a big deal out of whatever he asks. She's going to do as he says. he shouldn't be taking advantage of what he is given. no i am not pmsing :) also (wooow this is becoming a long-ass post) I would like to just to say that if you have not been following the Cannes film festival fashions please do so @cocoperez because Eva Longoria really deserves recognition for being so beautiful in everything her talented stylist puts her in (oh yeah and her stylist could use some attention too) In other news I sewed a floral tube dress today and then I got frustrated and stopped. I really need to get a legitimate seam ripper because I've killed like 5billion bobby pins trying to seam-rip with them.
~~and may they rest in piece in the bottom of my sewing kit~~
this has been a link filled post so clickidy click away guys and get out there and do something if you are NOT in Toronto where the weather freaking SUCKS.


  1. Our weather is absolutely rubbish too :( It's MAY forgoodness sake! :O
    But I totally know what you mean, I get frustrated when I sew... I made shorts and they were really small and it was upsetting :(
    UO x

  2. Hahha i love your story haha.

  3. ^hahaha thanks guysss! :)
    I've definitely never really gone post crazy likes this X)

  4. haha nice post. lovin' all the photos on your site ;)


  5. I love the room on the second photo! And I totally agree with you on terry richardson, he shouldn't be taking advantage in that way! xoxo

  6. awesome bedroom! Busy yet simple at the same time, amazing! Fab blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy. Bon weekend!! xxx

  7. love this post. so true about terry and the models.


  8. eva longaria is beautiful!
    love that photo, so cute!


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