Thursday, April 15, 2010

andrea and the harry potter BEDSHEET! WHAT WHAT!?!?
shopping with andrea! these were some flats that andrea's getting in black and pink ($25). We had some ice cream vintage/thrifted/forever 21 shopped. WHen Andrea left, me and my mom went fabric shopping and out to Second Cup. These are some pics. Otherwise I bought leather, lace, floral fabrics and can't wait to do some awesome D.I.Y.s ALSO I'M GOING TO PARIS THIS SUMMER GUYS! I was supposed to go to London and Finland before going to Hungary for 2 months but we would have only spent about 12 hours browsing either country so Paris for 2 days is a pretty good deal. I am so excited! *do you guys have any summer plans yet?


  1. that cupcake looks delicious, so jealous that you're going to paris. i was going to go to new york except the dates clash with exams so we had to change our plans ): x

  2. mmmh that cupcake looks so delecious! :-)
    cool blog!! take a look at mine if you like?

    - tanna

  3. Lovely pics, you look great and so does the cupcake haha :)

  4. cute pictures! haha i'm so jealous - i really want to go to paris as well :)

  5. brilliant shoes and fantastic blog
    following xx


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