Sunday, April 4, 2010

Long Time No Post

p.s. my sister is the one smiling in every photo! so me and my sister were bored so we did a mini, um, photo shoot thing (i guess...?) with the web cam yesterday. The products were pretty funny. Enjoy. The dress I'm wearing, I'm pretty sure is a shirt/dress that I found at salvation army and made my friend buy for herself because it looks great on her and I was broke. (long story, somewhat shorter) I've had absolutely no time this week for anything due to the absolutely astounding whether and homework. I promise to do an update soon. ~What were your plans for the much-needed long weekend?


  1. Cute pictures!! Looks like you guys had fun! :)

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  2. You guys look awesome :) For my Easter weekend, I was mainly eating chocolate ;)
    x x x x


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