Friday, March 26, 2010

The Rush is Worth the Price I Pay

ph: -link- So today I had a mini-shopping expedition with my mother. I checked out the Garden Collection at H&M. They had these micro-fibre type shorts but only in size 8 and 10 (I'm a size 2). They had some great stuff, and great prices but everything was super size! Even the extra small tanks had like 30-inch arm holes. So I ended up just buying a chain necklace with some cute rings attached but my mom picked up a lace dress and a gift for my sisters birthday (it's in June, but we couldn't resist!). How did you guys spend your Friday night? p.s. MY TUMBLR: HERE


  1. sounds epic! p.s. your tumblr is also lovely!!

  2. wow, sounds like your had a fab time;)
    awesome picture, i love your blog deary
    im following

  3. aah, I hate when things aren't in my size! such a shame :(
    I spent my friday night at a Charity Dinner :) which will soon be posted on my blog :)
    x x x x

  4. I really like your blog! And yeah this is so epic from H&M lol.
    Ill follow you!

    Visit me:

  5. Love that pic *.*

    friday night just went out for a drink with my firends ^^ *

  6. My friday night was spent with my french exchange hehe ;) jeez u must be skinny! I went to central London today on a shopping expedition, and got obsessed over Vivienne Westwod and Melissa shoes, check it out on my blog ;)

    also love the blog (:

    swamped in flowers <3

  7. I went to eat at a chinese restaurant and after it my stomach was about to explode. It was delicious! I hate it when there are only like two sizes and are waaaaay to big/small for you. xoxo

  8. hi! awww love shopping with my mom too! :D
    I also love H&M, but they do sometimes have weird sizes. Like some of their small look like their large size.

    I am now following you, follow me too yah?


  9. Thanks, that's so sweet of you :) Unfortunately, no urban outfiters in Spain (we are cool, aren't we? haha) and shipping is too expensive, so I'll just buy them on eBay (there are some really cheap ones) or on H&M (I saw ones like 2 weeks ago, maybe they're still there :D). Thanks for the help anyways :)



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