Monday, March 8, 2010

Gimme Symnpathy

hihihihihi so me and my friend spent the glorious afternoon on the roof because the weather in Toronto is so great! The two pictures above are from this afternoon's set and as you can see, I was wearing the dress I bought yesterday. The picture above does not belong to me but since my hands are not camera worthy, that's sorta the same nail polish I have on. I have christened it a "princess" colour. ~love, rebecca!


  1. hey girlie, thanks for stopping by! i'm loving your blog - great to see another toronto blogger!
    ps. follow me? :)

  2. lovely pics! and great blog u have here!

    xoxo jenna

  3. your blog is really cute, im glad i found it! :) im definitely following, and i cant wait for your future posts!

    p.s. those pictures you have on the left hand side are so beautiful! where did you find them? i would love to browse through the collection. :)

    xoxo, rose.

  4. @Jenna, thanks!
    @Rose, I can't tell you where the whole collection is :( (because I wish I knew but I don't...)
    but this blogger:

    has a lot of great ones like it!!

  5. i love those little oragami star things - my friend gave me one the other day,

  6. I love that nailpolish!
    nice blog

  7. Very cute pictures!
    Greetings from Berlin


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